Graphic design, print and application

It doesn’t matter if you want to wrap your vehicle in an entirely new color and achieve a perfect new look or you are looking for a way to advertise your business, graphic design is important and a crucial step in the process of applying vinyl to your vehicle. We can help you start a project that will turn your car into something unique, be it the best looking car in town or the perfect moving billboard.

The process of design and print

The project starts with the design of the overall look of your vehicle. Our designers will take into account any specific thing about your vehicle, for example how a graphic may look like if you want it applied to your hood only or if it spans to both doors on one side. Everything is taken into consideration and designed in a way to fit perfectly for a complete and beautiful end result.
After the whole design process is completed, we will move to the application of the printed vinyl. In order to assure your satisfaction, we only use high quality USA-manufactured vinyl that is weather-resistant. It also protect your car’s paintwork from scrapes and scratches while on the road, so there is another practical reason to wrap your car. If at any point in the future you decide that you don’t want the wrap anymore, it can be easily removed as our adhesive is specially made to not leave any residue behind, yet it holds tight and does not peel off.

Commercial design

If we are looking at the commercial side of things, a vehicle wrap can have many positive effects. For instance, it constantly advertises your business wherever you go. You pay once and everything you get from this advertisement afterwards is a pure return on your investment. So the wrap virtually pays for itself. Our designers will again make the advert look perfect and unique, so it draws the attention of your potential clients. Your car and overall project will be in the good hands of our professional team of designers and wrappers.